If someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows, then my life is made up of a thousand tiny projects. Here are some featured projects in my personal and professional life, and you can also navigate my reflections on each project via my blog.

This site is a project in itself, a chance to continually reinvent myself, reflect on my experiences, and redefine someday as today, every day. I started this site several years ago and look forward to updating it as I continue on my journey. The Someday File is a place where I come to imagine the life and world I want, keep track of all those bright ideas and big goals “I’ve always wanted to do,” reflect on my experiences, and share my learning along the way.

My husband is a crazy-talented professional chef, so in 2020, we launched Great Full Plate – providing in-home/on-site culinary experiences like chef’s dinners, cooking classes, and special events across Chicagoland – as a way to combine our superpowers and passions for cooking, learning, entertaining, and memory-making. Follow along with @greatfullplate on Facebook & Instagram as we grow our business and find ways to engage in our local community.

Since losing my dad to leukemia in 1998, the John Kehoe Story has evolved into a passion project to celebrate his life, capture our family memories, and tell my dad’s story. For the past several years, my dad’s younger brother (better known as Uncle Bob) and I have been writing and exchanging memories, then turning them into something we can share with anyone who remembers John Kehoe – along with memories of growing up in suburbia in the 1960s, coming of age in the 1970s, or going from boyhood to fatherhood and everything in-between.

As a former PhD student turned recent PhDropout, I’ve adopted a new philosophy as a PhDIYer. To me, “PhDIY” is a reminder that we’re all enrolled in this thing called life, and that every day is an opportunity to learn. As an educator, I often struggle with the idea that learning only happens in a school, a classroom, or a formal degree program. In my experience, some of my most profound learning has happened through adventures and failures completely unrelated to my degrees. Instead of writing a dissertation, I’m using this space to critically reflect, question, wonder, and re-imagine what education is all about.