Becoming vs. Getting a PhD

Well, it happened – and with a little luck, a lot of diligence, and probably a few epic meltdowns – it will continue happening for the next several years. I, once a vocal skeptic of the terminal degree model, am officially a PhD student. This decision comes after years of critically considering whether or not I wanted to […]

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The Problem with Pinspiration

I’ve spent the past several months trying to figure out what it is that motivates me to make and embrace changes in my life. There’s a relatively predictable process involved, from what I can tell so far: 1) every-so-slightly perceiving a pre-blem (what I call a problem before it gets out of control) and sensing that something is “off” […]

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Making the Case for Integrative Professional Development

In higher education, integrative learning is all the rage, and will be for some time to come. According to AAC&U: There is a growing national emphasis on fostering undergraduate students’ integrative learning through multiple forms of engaged educational experiences. As learning across boundaries becomes a signature characteristic of a 21st century liberal education, curricular, co-curricular, […]

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The John Kehoe Story

One of the challenges and adventures on my 30-Before-30 list was to tell my dad’s stories. Well, not only am I doing that, but it’s turned into a passion project for me and one of my favorite partners in crime – my dad’s younger brother, my Uncle Bob. To celebrate what would’ve been my dad’s […]

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The Feel Good List

Instead of making a list of goals or resolutions, I’ve decided to focus on how what I do makes me feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally. The only real goal I have is to do less of the things that make me feel drained, disappointed, and depressed – and more of the things that make […]

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