I Think I’ll Go To Boston…

This year is the 5th anniversary of my 1st trip to Boston, and here I find myself yet again. For whatever reason, for me, there is something magical about this city. This is my 4th trip here and every time I visit, a spark inside me ignites. When I was here last year, right around this point in the summer, I journaled about the experience and here’s what I had to say:

My journal, full of scribbles & inspirations.

When I 1st came here in 2008, I had an entirely different life – one that felt like someone else’s. I started to feel something stir inside me – curiosity, energy, a sense of adventure, a frustration with complacency, and the desire to be less conventional. My life at that time had a lot of “shoulds” and not enough “coulds” and “why-nots”…Whatever it was that inspired me to make changes – along with mistakes – and to reinvent my life, I am wholeheartedly and unbelievably thankful for it.

I remember sitting barefoot in the grass writing that…and a year later I find myself on a different life path entirely, but feeling the exact same way all over again, in the best way. Boston brings out the best in me and reminds me to make every day an adventure. In years past I’ve couch-surfed, seen the Green Monster, taken a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sam Adams brewery with 1 of my blonde bomb-squad-mates, had amazingly authentic Italian food in the North End, & sipped coffee in Harvard Square waiting to meet my under-cover-genius custodial worker…who much to my disappointment never showed up. On this trip so far, I’ve:

  • Presented my experience & ideas on teaching a multi-media intensive leadership seminar to a packed session (standing room only) at a professional conference
  • Walked the Freedom Trail – stopping at a pub every few sites, listening to Dropkick Murphys along the way, & reading historical fun-facts aloud at every site – with 1 of my all-time favorite friends who challenges me to keep being a better version of myself, whether he means to or not
  • Used the city bike-share system to get around
  • Enjoyed fresh lobster & crab legs
  • Cheersed to Sam Adams, while drinking a Sam Adams, in viewing distance of Sam Adams’ grave
  • Reconnected with couch-surfers who I’ve known for 5 years now & shared laughs with new travelers I hope to keep in touch & cross-paths with again
  • Stopped by the Boston Marathon Finish Line to pay respect & offer wishes of love, hope, and peace for this city and the global running community
  • Danced around like a fool in a lobster hat, because, why not?
  • Spent quality time with friends from all different cross-sections of my life

Photo Gallery: Boston 2013 & Other Assorted Adventures…

So all in all, I feel more like myself than I ever have. I am so energized for this upcoming year and every year after that. Maybe it’s the list, maybe it’s Boston, maybe it’s someday, or maybe it’s just me, but whatever it is, I feel like the stars of my life are aligning and I’m making a wish on them for more weeks just like this one.

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