Why the Bee?

That squiggle you’re seeing everywhere is actually a bee – clearly. I don’t remember why, when, or where I first saw it, but the design always stuck with me, so I decided to start 2020 by getting it inked on my skin forever. Here’s how I described my new tattoo at the time: It’s hieroglyphic […]

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An Afternoon in Fairyland

They say that sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself, and last summer, I was in dire need of finding. Just when I was feeling especially aimless and uninspired in all aspects of my life, I happened upon an article about the upcoming World of Faeries Festival, held annually about 25 minutes from […]

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Teaching with Your Whole Brain

In my work with Uncharted Learning, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know several big thinkers in the field of entrepreneurship and education. Most recently, I participated in a professional development session facilitated by my friend and colleague Jim Friedman from Miami University’s John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship. (I could, and will someday, […]

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Exploring the “e” in ePortfolio

Originally Posted on LinkedIn, April 2015 There’s a lot of talk in the ePortfolio community right now – and for the past 10+ years – about what an “ePortfolio” is, isn’t, and could-or-should be: Just this year, AAEEBL launched a webinar series that asks the question: “What is an ePortfolio?” Every year, AAC&U hosts an ePortfolio Forum to convene scholars and practitioners […]

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