Teaching with Your Whole Brain

In my work with Uncharted Learning, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know several big thinkers in the field of entrepreneurship and education. Most recently, I participated in a professional development session facilitated by my friend and colleague Jim Friedman from Miami University’s John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship. (I could, and will someday, […]

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Exploring the “e” in ePortfolio

Originally Posted on LinkedIn, April 2015 There’s a lot of talk in the ePortfolio community right now – and for the past 10+ years – about what an “ePortfolio” is, isn’t, and could-or-should be: Just this year, AAEEBL launched a webinar series that asks the question: “What is an ePortfolio?” Every year, AAC&U hosts an ePortfolio Forum to convene scholars and practitioners […]

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“We Got This” – Learning as a Team Sport

The model of “teaching as a team sport” has moved from the sidelines into primetime in recent years. Teachers are teaming up across disciplines to offer courses that address concepts and content from multiple perspectives. Faculty work with instructional designers, librarians, media specialists, and industry or community partners to design and facilitate their courses, instead of doing […]

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Becoming vs. Getting a PhD

Well, it happened – and with a little luck, a lot of diligence, and probably a few epic meltdowns – it will continue happening for the next several years. I, once a vocal skeptic of the terminal degree model, am officially a PhD student. This decision comes after years of critically considering whether or not I wanted to […]

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The Problem with Pinspiration

I’ve spent the past several months trying to figure out what it is that motivates me to make and embrace changes in my life. There’s a relatively predictable process involved, from what I can tell so far: 1) every-so-slightly perceiving a pre-blem (what I call a problem before it gets out of control) and sensing that something is “off” […]

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