#8: Go on a Ghost Tour

With only 5 months left until turning 30, I’m making more of an effort to cross adventures off my list, starting with a ghost adventure in one of the country’s most haunted and historical cities: Salem, Massachusetts. This weekend, 3 of my best friends from the Midwest made the trip to experience my new life […]

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Wishes *Do* Come True

Something magical happened when I turned 29: Instead of making a wish on candles or shooting stars, I made a wish on myself, and am putting all my energy and effort into making sure it comes true. My wish is this: That I will be better each today than I was each yesterday, that I […]

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The High-Five (So Far)

I have a theory that humans have 2 hands so occasionally, when feeling especially badass, we can high-five ourselves. So on a cheerier note than my last post, here are the top 5 highlights, aka the “High-Five” from this project so far: Discovering Geocaching I recently discovered geocaching thanks to 1 of the geekier but […]

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