Wishes *Do* Come True

Celebrating my 29th birthday, putting the "art" in party, & officially kicking off "The Someday File" project!
Celebrating my 29th birthday, putting the “art” in party, and officially kicking off “The Someday File” project!

Something magical happened when I turned 29: Instead of making a wish on candles or shooting stars, I made a wish on myself, and am putting all my energy and effort into making sure it comes true. My wish is this: That I will be better each today than I was each yesterday, that I will always keep someday in my sights, and that I will actively turn my dreams into realities. Anyone can make wishes, but only I can make my own someday come true, and I’m starting to make that happen.

I celebrated my 29th birthday in the best way I knew how, by crossing an item off my 30 before 30 list  in the company of friends I’ve shared all sorts of memories and (mis)adventures with over the years: as roommates, on road-trips, after countless heart-to-hearts, at theme parties, on bar crawls, during intense & impromptu dance parties, on actual and made-up holidays, and every day in-between. Some I have known since our days on the playground, others came into my life more recently, some I grew up with, but all have made me grow into who I am and inspire the vision for who I hope to be someday. I could not possibly wish for better friends than I already have, and am so thankful to have them in my life cheering me on to someday and participating in the project. We sipped wine, shared laughs, and painted our blank canvases…but what really happened is that another 1 of my wishes came true.

Among the wishes I have for this list is that it becomes a shared experience, and it has. When someone asks me about my list, starts their own list, references an item I crossed off/adventure I had/lesson I learned, or gives me something to help me achieve 1 of my goals, it makes it all worthwhile, because I know in some crazy cosmic way that this all matters. Not only to me, but to the people who want the best for me & who have seen me struggle to get through the past year-or-so. Knowing that there are people who know me, love me anyway, and truly want the best for me is what makes life so worth living.

This project is transforming me from the inside out, and my life is changing for the better. It feels for the first time in a long time like I’m ready to reinvent, take chances, & create the life I want, so I’m doing just that. My 29th year will be a series of wishes. Some will come true and others won’t, but I’ll be better for taking the risk to make wishes in the 1st place. I already am.

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