The Feel Good List

Instead of making a list of goals or resolutions, I’ve decided to focus on how what I do makes me feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally. The only real goal I have is to do less of the things that make me feel drained, disappointed, and depressed – and more of the things that make […]

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New Year, Same Someday

2015 is here, and so am I – feeling like a somewhat different person than when I started this project, but also somewhat the same…which in itself is a change for me. The past few years of my life have been all about transition and movement – geographically, professionally, and in my friendships and relationships. […]

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I started this list in my 29th year as a way to kick-off the countdown to a new decade of my life, give myself the gift of 30 little adventures, and challenge myself to do all the things I say I’ll do “someday” now. I kept the list dynamic and made changes as I went […]

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#8: Go on a Ghost Tour

With only 5 months left until turning 30, I’m making more of an effort to cross adventures off my list, starting with a ghost adventure in one of the country’s most haunted and historical cities: Salem, Massachusetts. This weekend, 3 of my best friends from the Midwest made the trip to experience my new life […]

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